Independence Bridge Asset Management Program

City of Independence | Independence, MO
bridge management

Benesch partnered with the City of Independence’s Public Works Department to develop a bridge asset management tool as part of a larger bridge management program.

Benesch’s advanced Excel-based asset management tool interfaces with Independence’s Cityworks software to provide the City’s requested bridge summary documents along with deterioration models, network forecasting, cash flow projections and risk assessments. Benesch provided the city with value through time and money savings, which came from being able to establish a CIP and asset program faster.

The effort improved the strategic management of Independence bridges by obtaining information necessary for the development of a proactive programming plan to determine the need and timing of preventative or remedial actions required to maintain a desired level of service of citywide bridge assets. The bridge asset management plan serves as a basis for formulating short-term bridge projects using bond funding and annual capital budgets for the next ten years.

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