2021 in Review – Corporate Social Responsibility at Benesch

People | January 31, 2022


Photo collage of Benesch employees volunteering across the county as part of the 2021 Summer of Service

Throughout 2021, the Corporate Social Responsibility team at Benesch facilitated a wide range of activities and initiatives across the company to improve the communities where our employees live and work.

Contributions included a special end-of-year donation driven by Benesch clients, partners and colleagues. Each December, Benesch offices select three charitable organizations to receive a portion of a $10,000 donation. To help distribute the funds, Benesch invites our professional and personal contacts to share in the joy of giving by casting votes for the organization of their choice.

Based on the voting results, donations were as follows:

2021 in Review

Community Service

As Benesch celebrated its 75th anniversary, employees were challenged to volunteer a combined 750 hours of community service. By the end of 2021, Benesch employees far surpassed that goal as they recorded 1,542 hours.

Photo showing 1,542 hours of community service performed by Benesch employees

Contributing to those hours was the Summer of Service program. Benesch offices across the country were encouraged to organize service events in their local community. A total of 17 events took place, ranging from roadway clean ups to bike repairs for local and global communities.

Giving Back

For the ninth year in a row, Benesch hosted a food drive in each of our offices to support our local communities. Through monetary and canned food donations, Benesch provided 43,199 items to food banks around the country—a new company record!

In addition to the end-of-year $10,000 donation, Benesch supported organizations throughout the year. On Veterans Day, Benesch made a $7,500 donation to Wounded Warrior Project to honor all who have served in our military. After a flash flood devastated Humphreys County, TN, Benesch donated $5,000 to United Way of Humphreys County. The funds will be used to get victims immediate and long-term recovery assistance. Sixteen other donations totaling $10,150 were provided to other organizations our staff had partnered with on local causes.

Benesch employees utilized the gift-matching program to help their giving go even further. Employees donated a total of $24,580 to charitable organizations, all matched by Benesch. Additionally, two employees utilized Benesch’s “Dollars for Doers” program. By volunteering 50 hours to an organization, they earned a $500 donation from Benesch.

Supporting Future Leaders

As part of Benesch’s internship program, the company awarded nine $1,000 scholarships to individual student interns who went above and beyond during their summers with Benesch. Our on-going scholarships through various universities totaled more than $28,000.

The work Benesch does serves a common purpose: improving the communities we share. Since its inception, Benesch’s CSR Committee has established corporate giving initiatives to further serve that purpose. Our passion for our communities drives Benesch to donate our time and talents to worthy causes that connect us to the people we serve every day.