Benesch Awards 57 Summer Interns with Scholarships

People | October 11, 2023


Photo of Benesch interns in the field at construction site and in the office at computers

CHICAGO, IL – This past summer, Benesch once again welcomed a group of student interns to join us for a summer filled with learning opportunities. Over 80 interns joined Benesch as a part of our nine-week internship program designed to expand their skill sets and provide valuable hands-on experience. The interns are encouraged to apply for the Student Intern Scholarship offered by Benesch’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

With a record number of interns, Benesch expanded the scholarship program to offer a record number of scholarships. A total of 57 students were awarded $1,000 each, more than double the number awarded last year.

To apply for the $1,000 scholarship, applicants were asked to reflect on the progression of their knowledge over the course of the summer. After reviewing the applications and consulting with the management team, 57 high-performing interns received the scholarship:

Alec Colgan – South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Alec Plesh – Pennsylvania State University

Alex Lohin – Pennsylvania State University

Alexa Rademacher – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alexander Del Val – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alfonso Acevedo – Marquette University

Andres Aguilar-Alvarez – North Carolina State University

Ben DeMayo – University of Nebraska-Omaha

Bergen Anderson – Colorado State University

Brendon Lee – Kansas State University

Brenton Stonacek – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Brian Ngwenya – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Brianne Elisme – Univeristy of Florida

Chris Mateyak – Wayne State University

Christopher Teeter – Milwaukee School of Engineering

Claire Mathews – University of Illinois at Chicago

Cody Dankenbring – Kansas State University

Colton Henderson – South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Connor Kane – University of Pittsburgh

Connor McNamara – Central Connecticut State University

Danielle Rajala – Northern Michigan University

Elena Zandier – Youngstown State University

Eric Parviainen – University of Georgia

Erin Ganschow – Michigan Technological University

Fernando Antonio Jr – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Hunter O’Dell – Pennsylvania State University

Jack Leonard – Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg

Jake Parkman – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jeanette Guerrero – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jordan Key – North Carolina State University

Kaden Keller – Grad this year from Aledo High School

Kalib Perry – Michigan Technological University

Kevin Berner II – Illinois Institute of Technology

Kiley Pham – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Luca Franceschina – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Madison Vater – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Magwire Lott – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Max Kaster – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Min Kaung – Lipscomb University

Molly Darby – University of South Florida

Nader Sharif – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nayzet Pena – Georgia Institute of Technology

Nicholas Novak – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Noah Ahlers – North Carolina State University

Noah Netzel – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Rachel Kling – University of South Florida

Ravyn Rapley – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Rebecca Powers – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Reis O’Donnell – University of Illinois Chicago

Robert Dove – University of Toledo

Rocco Cirilli – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rodney Gregg – Colorado School of Mines

Stephanie Dean – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Tal Feder – Pennsylvania State University

Tom Strauser – Drexel University

Yannis Aka – University of Nebraska – Omaha

Zachary Bogle – Colorado School of Mines