Connecticut DOT Recognized at 2018 SAVE International Value Summit

The 2018 SAVE International Value Summit brought exciting news to the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT). On June 12, the agency was presented with the Gordon Frank Outstanding Accomplishment in Government Award in recognition of their highly successful Value Management (VM) program. Contenders for the award must prove to the organization how they meet three specific criteria:

  • Enhancing the application of VM by using unique techniques
  • Using VM to achieve major project accomplishments beyond the normal success stories
  • Improving technical, managerial, educational, and administrative programs to make any type of work more effective

CTDOT’s approach to implementing a successful VM program started with a change in perception at the corporate level within the agency. Historically viewed as nothing more than another design requirement, Value Engineering (VE) is now seen as a desirable step—an asset—to the Department and their design teams. Successfully completing this transformation required, according to State Value Engineering Coordinator Mary Baier and CTDOT Transportation Engineers Gerard Graci and Eric Tallarita, a “revolution” based on emphasizing the benefits of VE methodologies, fostering communications between design and construction staff, training initiatives, and exposure to VE reports and presentations.

Benesch partnered with CTDOT two years ago when the implementation process began, and since then the team has completed seven major VE studies. Each study has met the agency’s VM Program goals of increasing value, maintaining functions, minimizing life cycle costs, encouraging innovation, highlighting potential cost reduction, and producing higher quality, more efficient transportation projects.


Pictured left to right at the SAVE International Value Summit in Austin, TX: Muthiah Kasi, PE, SE, CVS (Life) (Benesch); Mary Baier (CTDOT); Eric Tallarita (CTDOT); Steve Drechsler, PE (Benesch)