Intern Scholarship Winners Announced for 2022

People | October 26, 2022


A photo of interns smiling and an intern working at a desk computer

This past summer, 64 interns joined Benesch as a part of our nine-week internship program designed to expand the students’ skill sets and provide valuable hands-on experience. The interns are encouraged to apply for the Student Intern Scholarship offered by Benesch’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. With a record number of interns, the committee thought it was only right to offer a record number of scholarships. Twenty-five students were awarded $1,000 each, an increase from the nine awarded last year.

“The CSR Committee is always eager to recognize the incredible students that spend their summers working at Benesch,” said Greg Stewart, chair of Benesch’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. “I’m ecstatic that we’re able to support so many students as they pursue their engineering and planning careers.”

To apply for the $1,000 scholarship, applicants were asked to reflect on the progression of their engineering knowledge over the course of the summer. After reviewing numerous applications and consulting with the management team, Benesch’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee selected the following high-performing interns:

Noah Ahlers – NC State University

Kevin Berner – Illinois Institute of Technology

Veronica Bevan – Marquette University

Nyomi Brown – University of Connecticut

Rocco Cirilli – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Andrew Clarey – Michigan Technological University

Benjamin DeMayo – University of Nebraska Omaha

Hannah Drew – University of Hartford

Braydon Evans – University of South Florida

Edwyn Fingerle – Illinois Institute of Technology

Grace Hartman – Kansas State University

Chloe Insalaco – University of Colorado

Jordan Key – NC State University

Diego Lopez – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Magwire Lott – University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Troy Manthei – Michigan Technological University

Brian Ngwenya – University of Nebraska Omaha

Logan Patterson – University of South Florida

Allison Patti – Clemson University

Bryan Pearl – Wayne State University

Alicia Szewczyk – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Madison Vater – University of Nebraska Omaha

Ryan Wilhelm – University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Rebecca Witherspoon – Tennessee Technological University

Benjamin Wortman – University of Nebraska – Lincoln

About the Summer Internship Program

Benesch’s Summer Internship Program integrates students into the company. The program is built to give them tools for the future and focuses on teaching skills that are critical in our industry. In addition to contributing to project work, interns are exposed to different disciplines and service areas, attend workshops to improve interpersonal skills, and work together to build their own internship community.

“We strive to provide a truly valuable experience for each intern. Watching students grow and want to come back to Benesch encourages us to continue to evolve the program to exceed the expectations of students pursuing careers in the A/E/C industry,” said Benesch’s Director of Learning and Development Julie Melidis.

Learn more about this year’s intern class below:

A photo of intern statistics, including "2022 interns by the numbers, with a graphic that says 64 total interns includes 11 returning across 25 offices and 25 scholarships awarded totaling $25,000". Another graphic showing map of the USA, saying "2022 Interns where they worked" showing "2 railroad interns", "23 west region interns", "29 north region/corporate", and "10 southeast region". Another graphic says "2022 Interns what they did" graphic showing 2 administrative, 27 civil, 17 construction, 1 geotechnical, 1 multimodal, 2 planning, 12 structural and 2 railroad.