Space Coast TPO ADA Transition Plan

Space Coast TPO | Brevard County, FL

Space Coast Area Transit contracted with Benesch to perform a self-evaluation of its 850+ bus stops, develop a bus stop ADA Transition Plan and provide ADA training to transit staff, City staff, elected officials and other interested stakeholders.

Benesch worked to complete a comprehensive bus stop and connected rights-of-way inventory and assessment was performed using Benesch’s mobile smartphone app, with ADA assessors riding bicycles from bus stop to bus stop along the pedestrian access routes to determined ADA deficiencies. It was determined that many existing amenities at bus stops were installed in a non-compliant manner; reports provided remediation recommendations for each issue.

To ensure accessibility, safety and security of passengers at the bus stops, ADA improvements were recommended and phasing and financial plans were developed. Based on industry standards, cost estimates were developed and used to prioritize violations. Study findings were presented at multiple public meetings and met with strong support from government officials and the public.

Lastly, two in-person training sessions were held for all interested staff and stakeholders, to ensure that everyone was aware of what the requirements of the ADA were and how to design, build and maintain a bus stop and its connecting sidewalk and curb ramp in an accessible manner. Each of the training sessions concluded with an in-the-field, hands-on assessment of bus stops, sidewalks, curbs and other amenities and infrastructure.

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