Advance Utilities Relocation on Wacker Drive

Chicago Department of Transportation | Chicago, IL
underground utilities

To accommodate the reconstruction of Wacker Drive from Adams Street to Randolph Street, an advance utility contract was let prior to the main contract to facilitate extensive utility relocations.

As part of this advance contract, 6,800 LF of new watermain was installed, and existing ComEd and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) structures were modified prior to mainline construction on the viaduct system.

Significant coordination ensured continuous service to the many businesses along Upper and Lower Wacker Drive. The Benesch Team worked with the Chicago Department of Water Management to develop staging for one of the city’s most congested utility corridors, comply with local and state standards, obtain permits and conduct complex strategic connections for the new systems. In addition, the team worked closely to coordinate with the MWRD as numerous interceptors and junction chambers traversed the project.