Chicago Skyway Bridge Inspections

Chicago Department of Transportation | Chicago, IL
bridge inspection

Benesch held a four-year contract with the Skyway Concession Company (SCC) to provide engineering services for performing inspections and developing report documents for all bridges, roadway and facilities. All inspections and reports followed requirements of the SCC lease with the City of Chicago.

The Chicago Skyway, also known as Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge System, is a 7.8-mile-long tollway bridging Interstate 90 at the Dan Ryan Expressway on the west end, and the Indiana Toll Road on the east end. The main feature of the Skyway is a 1/2-mile long steel truss bridge, known as the “High Bridge.” The bridge spans the Little Calumet River and Calumet Harbor, a major harbor for industrial ships. The main span is 650 feet long, provides for 125 feet of vertical clearance, and is the highest road in Chicago.

Benesch performed the Annual Bridge Inspection Reports consisting of NBIS element level inspection, evaluation and recommendations for 60 bridges, including 22 fracture critical bridges, 209 baseline gusset plate load ratings and underwater inspections.

Inspections were performed by certified FHWA Program Managers and Team Leaders in accordance with all NBIS, AASHTO, IDOT and CDOT guidelines. This included updating IDOT’s inspection forms: BBS-BIR, BBS-ELI, BBS-FC1, BBS-FC2, S-105, S-111, S-114, BBS-BFC and the Truss Bridge Pin Inspection Reports (BBS-2760).

Benesch developed Roadway Condition Reports between State Street and 105th Street in both the EB and WB directions. These inspections included embankments, pavement, shoulders, drains, curb and gutters, barriers, retailing walls, guardrails, traffic controls, pavement markings, landscape, roadway signing, fencing, overhead sign structures, retaining walls and highway lighting (day and night).

In addition, Facilities Condition Reports were provided that covered three building structures, including the toll plaza service building, the pump house under the Skyway bridge near 100th St., and the storage facility that encloses the 83rd St. bridge under EB and WB lanes. These inspections were comprised of architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical elements.

Benesch also prepared the Annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Report, which included updating the Skyway 10-year Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Plan.

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