CREATE P-1 Englewood Flyover

METRA | Chicago, IL
flyover railroad bridge
This $93 million project was designed to alleviate traffic challenges, including vehicular congestion and rail flow, by eliminating an at-grade crossing of the existing Metra Rock Island District (RID) Line and Norfolk Southern (NS) Line at I-90/94. This ambitious project also aimed to expand the RID line and NS line by adding an additional track to each line as part of the Midwest High Speed Rail Initiative.Benesch managed the construction of the new 10-span flyover and PPC deck beam approach bridges. In order to fly over the existing NS alignment, the RID was raised 29 feet on a new structure. This innovative design significantly improved safety for the traveling public.

With challenges such as the Dan Ryan’s narrow median, tall and slender piers had to be used. Incorporating this rare yet innovative technique using a continuous steel girder bridge allowed the entire three-span bridge to be erected with a single fixed end, saving both time and money.

In addition to the extensive coordination with IDOT and the CTA to limit closures to between midnight and 5:00 a.m., many surrounding neighborhoods also required comprehensive coordination. During construction, Benesch met with the local Homeowners Association, where residents’ concerns involving construction vibration damage, rodent interference and traffic flow were addressed. Benesch informed residents of the vibration monitoring program and provided contact information for contractors holding pre-construction home inspections. Metra arranged for a rodent control contractor to provide rodent control measures at the site.

Further challenges involving traffic management were resolved after meeting with local aldermen to discuss community concerns. In response to the meeting, Benesch expanded paving limits to incorporate more improvements for each neighborhood and the public in general, as well as some scope extension to address failing infrastructure that was only tangentially connected to the project, but improved the surrounding communities.


  • 2016, Eminent Conceptor Award, American Council of Engineering Companies - Illinois
  • 2016, National Honor Award, American Council of Engineering Companies
  • 2016, Project Achievement Award, Construction Management Association of America