Union Pacific Railroad

UPRR North Line Bridges

Chicago, IL

This $70 million project along Metra’s UPRR North line entailed the reconstruction of 11 railroad bridge structures and the construction of Metra’s Ravenswood Station.

After performing design work through an open-ended contract with Metra, Benesch was enlisted to provide construction management services for the 100+ year-old structures on this same line. Constructing the new commuter pedestrian tunnel at Metra’s Ravenswood Station while maintaining rail traffic necessitated innovative construction staging in order to maintain operations and reduce impacts to commuters and the motoring public.

The staging concept for the bridges kept two tracks in service at all times, with the new tracks relocated to the extreme edges of the existing right-of-way. This solution involved utilizing an extensive sheet piling system, which was designed to facilitate staged construction.

Extensive and timely coordination with the Union Pacific Railroad, Chicago Department of Emergency Management, and local businesses and residents was also a key step in keeping the project on schedule.


Project highlights

  • Design and CM for 100+ year-old structures on UPRR rail line
  • Underclearance accommodation
  • Maintenance of rail and vehicular traffic
  • Construction staging
  • Extensive agency coordination