New Richmond Intermodal & Automotive Facility

Canadian National Railway | Richmond, WI
Close up of an intermodal facility

Canadian National Railway (CN) retained Benesch to perform all design services associated with a 120-acre development for a joint automotive/intermodal facility. Benesch was involved at the project infancy stages during conceptual and project planning all the way thru to construction of the facility.

The enhancements necessary to support the automotive and intermodal facility encompassed various aspects in addition to the facility infrastructure. These included the installation of two siding tracks, each spanning a length of 2,500 feet, as well as the relocation of 105th Street to accommodate the facility layout. The project also involved the establishment of detention and compensatory storage ponds, the construction of employee office spaces and parking facilities, and the implementation of separate truck gates for intermodal and automotive traffic. Furthermore, designated areas such as the intermodal crane maintenance zone and chassis parking area were incorporated to ensure efficient and organized operations within the facility.

Significant coordination with the Town of Richmond as well as the Wisconsin DNR was required. In order to expedite the construction timeline, all environmental and regulatory permits were secured in two phases (phase I was upland areas that required no permits, phase II was wetland and floodplain areas that required agency sign-off).

In addition to the site design services, Benesch also provided construction management services for CN. Benesch acted as the CN agent during construction activities. Benesch was responsible for construction inspection of contractor work, review of RFI’s and material submittals, review of contractor pay requests and provided CN with recommendations for payment.