SR A1A Pedestrian Bike Study

Florida Department of Transportation, District 5 | Flagler County, Volusia County and Brevard County, FL
florida street

Florida’s District 5 wanted to focus on pedestrian safety and overall use of SR A1A. Benesch conducted a Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Visioning & Implementation Study to identify key areas of the region that required attention.

SR A1A is regularly used by motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians, making it an economic lifeline to the local community. Florida’s District 5 sought to improve safety and connectivity and enlisted Benesch to identify nine focus areas along the corridor and develop a plan to ensure safety and ease of use. The plan included a full review of crash data and corridor mapping to determine changes in context, such as land use, roadway geometry and the overall environmental impact of building type and design.

In order to best accommodate the community, a complete streets approach was envisioned. This provides regional and local entities the opportunity for cohesive implementation of future improvements.

Practice Areas