D4 Safety Studies & Safety Audit

Florida Department of Transportation District 4 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

As a consultant to FDOT District 4, Benesch has performed numerous Road Safety Audits (RSAs). The primary focus of these has been pedestrian and bicycle safety, however safety recommendations have been generated to improve safety and mobility for all users. Additionally, Benesch has performed numerous safety studies at high crash locations and made short- and long- term recommendations varying in complexity from signage improvements to intersection and corridor construction projects.

Benesch has been tasked with the lead for coordinating with citizens, jurisdictional entities and other stakeholders for each assignment. Benesch has also developed a crash data system and an improvement tracking system. The tracking system is used to monitor the progress and responses of RSA recommendations.

The outcomes resulted in the development of crash data and improvements tracking systems as well as the implementation and programming of millions of dollars in projects with Federal Safety Funds.

Practice Areas