Transit Development Plan

Broward County Transit | Broward County, FL

Broward County contracted Benesch to develop their Transit Development Plan (TDP) as its planning, development and operational guidance document, based on a ten-year horizon and to conduct a major update every five years. The County will conduct the five-year major update.

The TDP is a strategic business plan and goal of the TDP is to address the growth needs of sit users as by defining the public transportation needs in Broward County, evaluating the services BCT currently provides, conducting a robust public participation process, coordinating and seek input from stakeholders and their existing planning efforts, developing agency and community goals and objectives. Additionally, Benesch developed a plan of transit capital and service alternatives that address transit needs and developed an action plan that can be monitored and updated by the County on an annual basis.

This will be the County’s third Major TDP effort since Rule 14-73.001, F.A.C., was adopted. Benesch was retained for 12-months and provide timely delivery of the TDP to Florida DOT.

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