MTA ADA Transit Monitoring

Maryland Transit Authority | Baltimore, MD

Benesch, was retained by the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) to conduct external transit monitoring efforts by Benesch-trained mystery riders, with the pilot program. A court ordered consent decree, resulting from the settlement of the “Haynes vs. Porcari” case, required MTA to utilize a third party firm to conduct monitoring service for compliance with ADA regulations.

ADA compliance requirements have been continuously monitored for route and stop announcements on buses, Light Rail and Metro routes. The goal of the program is to ensure that transit services are provided in a manner that does not discriminate against people with disabilities. The program was enhanced to include safety and service quality elements in addition to the ADA requirements.

Transit monitors assess, visibly or covertly, at least 800 bus, 200 Light Rail and 200 metro trips per month with an average trip time between 15-20 minutes. Monitors are also trained to provide customer service support with bus bridge shuttles while Light Rail tracks or stations are undergoing construction.

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