Asphalt Recycling Processes Tested on Wisconsin Highway

Insights, Projects | October 27, 2020


Photo of State Trunk Highway (STH-49) asphalt recycling process in Wisconsin

GREEN LAKE COUNTY, WI — When the time came to replace a 7.4-mile stretch of State Trunk Highway 49, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation saw an opportunity to conduct a side-by-side comparison of two asphalt recycling processes. With one section of the roadway replaced using cold in-place recycling (CIR), and the other section using pulverize and relay (PR), the now completed project has set the stage for a 10-year monitoring period to determine which recycling method yields the greatest value for the DOT.

Benesch worked with WisDOT and contractor Northeast Asphalt to determine proper construction procedures, coordinate stakeholder efforts, and measure the roadway’s initial ride quality after construction was complete.

Asphalt Pro Magazine interviewed members of the team to learn more about the award-winning STH-49 project, including how their construction approach yielded such a high quality result.

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