Charlotte Rides Transit Development Plan

Charlotte County Transit | Charlotte County, FL

Benesch was selected to complete the major Transit Development Plan (TDP) update for Charlotte County, Florida, after completing the major TDP update five years prior, dubbed the Charlotte Rides TDP. The previous TDP recommended major restructuring and service changes that were not implemented. The priority for the plan’s recent update was to design service improvements that retained the prominent mode as dial-a-ride while using technology to improve service delivery and add rider options.

The Charlotte Rides TDP brand was retained, and an extensive public engagement campaign was conducted, including workshops, discussion groups, stakeholder interviews, web and social media outreach, grassroots efforts, multiple surveys, and a Board interactive visioning session. With 1,421 individuals engaged, the results included a new mix of alternatives using technology and innovative delivery options to the recommended service strategies.

The TDP that Benesch staff developed achieved a balanced blend of adopted service options that adhered to financial limitations, while also introducing a fresh emphasis on technology-driven solutions and Mobility-on-Demand services. Enhancements to the existing dial-a-ride system were made through mobile applications for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), alongside the establishment of regularly scheduled transit routes connecting the airport and other locations.

Additionally, Benesch proposed the construction of a new transit administration facility and the implementation of mobile applications. This comprehensive TDP was successfully adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and received compliance approval from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The related outreach efforts were notably effective, delivering measurable outcomes that further fortified the plan’s success.

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