Palm Tran – ADA Assessment and Bus Stop Inventory

Palm Tran | Palm Beach, FL
Palm Tran Bus

This project established the baseline bus stop framework for the 2045 LRTP 561 Enhanced Transit Plan by defining the bus stops for the east-west and the north-south enhanced transit corridors, inventorying bus stop locations and conditions and assessing the ADA accessibility and compliance requirements for each stop.

This task identified bus stops recommended to be retained within each of the north-south and east-west enhanced transit corridors identified in the 561 Enhanced Transit Plan. A query of the existing active bus stops in these corridors identifies roughly 3,000 bus stops.

Benesch was hired to provide support in updating the bus stop database, performing ADA assessments and performing an existing conditions analysis for Palm Tran bus stops that were identified in Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency’s (TPA) Long Range Transportation Plan. The 2045 LRTP details how Palm Beach County’s multimodal transportation system will evolve over the next 25 years.

Using the active transportation demand analysis results along with Palm Tran’s current high ridership routes and 2045 forecasted jobs and population, an enhanced transit network consisting of five north-south corridors and six east-west corridors were identified. These corridors have the greatest potential for enhanced transit service.

Included in the five north-south corridors are a Tri-Rail extension from the existing Mangonia Park Tri-Rail Station to the VA Hospital and Tri-Rail Coastal Link along the FEC Railroad corridor to the Town of Jupiter. Palm Tran was in support of TPA’s 561 Enhanced Transit Plan and wanted to ensure that all bus stops located on the enhanced transit corridor were safe, accessible and convenient for the transit passengers.