Transit Network Redesign

Palm Tran | Palm Beach County, FL
shuttle bus

Benesch developed and deployed Palm Beach County’s first transit network redesign in more than 20 years. To do this, we completed a performance analysis of the 33 fixed routes that made up the agency’s transit network. The resulting redesign included route modifications, eliminations and additions, as well as scheduling changes to optimize service frequency. Benesch completed this work as part of a Route Performance Maximization project contract wherein we functioned as an extension of the agency’s staff.

After receiving unanimous support from the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners, the network redesign was deployed. Palm Tran’s on-time performance improved by 20% following deployment, which led to increased ridership across the network.

As part of this network redesign, Benesch developed a Mobility on Demand (MOD) service strategy called Go Glades for the rural communities in the Glades Region near Lake Okeechobee. The service was created as a second mobility service of the Palm Tran Connection, the paratransit service.

First implemented to provide curb-to-curb shared-ride service for everyone with two-hour advance notice, it was free for disabled persons using their ADA ID card. A few years later, it was converted to point-to-point MOD.

Benesch created the operating model and the procurement specifications for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that runs the algorithms used to operate and manage the service. In just six months, monthly ridership exceeded 8,900 – an increase of over 50% – with a significant shift by riders from Connection paratransit and fixed route. Over half of the monthly paratransit trips provided in the Glades shifted to the MOD service. Overall mobility and access to mobility have increased, and Palm Tran has identified several locations to expand the MOD service concept in other parts of the County.

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