Citywide Sewer Design & CE&I

Chicago Department of Water Management | Chicago, IL
sewer construction

The City of Chicago’s massive, aging sewer system that weaves through many complex urban streets throughout the city needed updates and repairs. Benesch holds two master consulting agreements for both design and construction to revitalize tens of thousands of linear feet of sewer throughout the city.

These task orders range in size and scope from hundreds of linear feet to larger jobs totaling thousands of linear feet. The services entailed utilizing temporary watermain support, concrete collars, cast-in-place connection structures and box culverts. The high traffic volume passing through city streets makes for challenging traffic control plans, surveys and more.

On higher profile task orders, Benesch provided additional services, including ADA ramp designs, soil borings and grading plans to restore grassed medians for additional surface storage of stormwater above underground tanks.

Chicago’s underground utility congestion posed several challenges requiring timely coordination with other buried utility providers. Benesch coordinated with the City of Chicago, the Department of Water Management, local businesses and residents, permitting agencies and city aldermen.