Bath Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Bath Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades | Northampton County, PA
Bath Borough

The Bath Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion was designed to replace a 50+ year old plant. The upgrades also needed to meet the anticipated increase of stringent effluent limits.

The facility included automated screening and grit removal. It also consisted of ultraviolet disinfection for the process flow prior to discharge to the stream at the location of the existing plant. Space was also included to install tertiary filters between the SBRs and the digesters for future use if necessary. Sludge handling was accomplished by aerobic digestion and a rotary press. Dewatered sludge is continuing to be hauled to an approved landfill.

This new facility decreased operations costs by reducing the labor and capital costs for the repair and/or replacement of the aging equipment. In addition, the plant provided updated technology to ensure the treatment plant was compliant with their effluent permit limits.

In general, the design elements consisted of Civil/Site, Precast Structures, Structural, Electrical and HVAC.