Unified Government of Wyandotte County \ Kansas City

Water Pollution Control Asset Management Program

Kansas City, KS

A nearly 90-year relationship between the City of Kansas City, Kansas (KCK) and Benesch has involved the design and construction of nearly every asset type owned and maintained by the city. This includes the road networks, bridges, buildings, parks, sewer collection and treatment, storm water memorials and monuments within KCK. Given our extensive knowledge and history with the city’s infrastructure, the City engaged Benesch in a multi-year effort to better integrate their enterprise asset management system, Lucity, into their daily operations.

Benesch is currently engaged in working with the city to implement better asset management through Lucity with KCK’s flood pump stations, sanitary sewer lift stations and treatment plants. In each of the asset categories, Benesch has been responsible for collecting and digitizing record drawings, maintenance records, operations and maintenance documents, developing and utilizing asset condition ratings, developing asset depreciation curves, life-cycle analysis, replacement costs, developing risk ratings based on likelihood of failure, and consequence of failures as well as long-term financial planning.

Benesch worked with City staff to develop a list of features to be implemented as part of the asset management program. Benesch collected a variety of paper records that have been digitized, cataloged and uploaded into the individual asset records within Lucity. This increases the efficiency of both the design and maintenance staff by making all available records easy to locate and access in the office or through Lucity’s mobile application.

Another unique feature Bensech developed is the tagging of all wastewater pump station and treatment plant equipment with QR codes. By tagging all equipment, city staff can simply access equipment records by scanning the tag with the Lucity mobile application. City staff can access not only information regarding the piece of equipment such as Record Drawings, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, but also Work Orders that have been previously issued for that piece of equipment.

Project highlights

  • Data Collection
  • Development of Asset Condition Rating
  • Lucity Integration