Comprehensive Water System Assessments

Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) | Multiple States

Benesch secured a two-year federal contract with the Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), which involves tribal set-aside funding from the once-in-a-generation Bipartisan Infrastructure Law or Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

As a key subconsultant to Native Strategies, LLC, Benesch provided technical services to assess water systems for 38 of BIA’s complex public water systems and water sampling and field investigations for 268 facilities owned and operated by BIA or by Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) at locations in South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maine, California, Nevada, Colorado, Tennessee, Kansas, Nebraska and Idaho.

These comprehensive water system assessments are critical in helping BIA maintain aging water systems and correcting non-compliance issues to ensure compliance with the US Environmental Protection Agency Safe Drinking Water Act and other federal, state and tribal regulations. Specific attention is given to lead and copper removal and PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) contamination identification.

All reporting and data collection is uploaded into BIA’s MAXIMO Asset Management/Computerized Maintenance Management System.