Impact Fee & In-Lieu Fee Study

City of Hallandale Beach | Hallandale Beach, FL

Changing demographics and a county requirement to provide affordable housing led the City of Hallandale Beach to retain Benesch to prepare an impact fee for four service areas and in-lieu fees for affordable housing and parking. This study addressed all variables of impact fees, reviewed Broward County’s regulatory land use requirements for affordable housing, and reviewed the City’s parking requirements and inventory in developing the in-lieu fees.

With an increase in the younger population and a county requirement to provide affordable housing for certain significant land use/zoning changes, the City needed to develop funding for the necessary infrastructure. Benesch determined that limited vacant property suggested the need for a high level of redevelopment. High construction costs and fluctuations in the cost of providing housing along the waterfront versus the rest of the city also needed to be addressed.

With these insights, impact fees were developed for multimodal transportation, parks and recreation, fire rescue and law enforcement service areas. All fees were successfully adopted. Research was conducted on practices used by other Broward County and Florida jurisdictions on parking and affordable housing in-lieu fees.

Benesch then provided the parameters needed to establish a parking in-lieu fee and provided options for adopting in-lieu fees for affordable housing mitigation to respond to County regulations and assist in increasing future affordable housing units.