City of Orlando

Multimodal Transportation Impact Fee Study

Orlando, FL

The City of Orlando sought to update their transportation impact fee program to transition the impact fee calculation from a “road-based” fee to a multimodal transportation fee, incorporating vehicular, transit, bicycle and pedestrian modes of travel. They also wanted to support developments in specific areas of the city through reduced fees. Benesch was selected in 2009 to update the program and again retained in 2021 to update the multimodal fee.

When updating the program, Benesch took into account Orlando’s slow growth rate, their interest in innovative approaches and concern about the transportation funding gap between needs arising from existing residents and future growth. As a result, a fee was adopted that would maintain the existing level of service standards and a multimodal fee provided flexibility of use of revenues on all modes of transportation. Impact fees were also reduced for specific uses in priority areas based on interest in sustainable development, support of future transit corridors and economic goals.

Project highlights

  • Updates to the transportation fee program supported current growth rates
  • Orlando adopted a multimodal fee to provide flexibility
  • Impact fees were reduced for specific uses in priority areas