Gainesville Regional Transit System – Transit Development Plan Major Update

Gainesville Regional Transit System | Gainesville, FL

Benesch developed the Gainesville Regional Transit System (RTS) Transit Development Plan (TDP) Major Update in accordance with the latest Florida Department of Transportation TDP requirements. Consistent with the formation of the City of Gainesville Department of Mobility, which includes RTS transit and paratransit services, the focus of the TDP was broadened to assess mobility needs, services and strategies to provide a more holistic approach to enhancing access to mobility throughout the RTS service area.

Benesch was responsible for developing the plan that guides public transportation in the Gainesville area over the next ten years and emphasizes expanding its focus on mobility in addition to transit. The TDP examined the potential for leveraging existing partnerships and funding agreements between the University of Florida and other partners to enhance mobility and service equity.

As a result, the TDP was adopted unanimously by City of Gainesville. The plan focused on enhancing existing services, adding mobility-on-demand and realigning services consistent with the University of Florida’s plan for an auto-free zone. Benesch also established program funding for the East Gainesville Transit Center and transit priority treatments along major travel corridors to support Bus Rapid Transit and express services.

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