Space Coast Area Transit – 2023-2032 Transit Development Plan

Space Coast Area Transit | Brevard County, FL
SCAT Public Involvement

Space Coast Area Transit (SCAT) partnered with Benesch to concurrently conduct a Comprehensive Operations Analysis and prepare its Transit Development Plan (TDP) major update in accordance with the Florida Department of Transportation TDP requirements. For SCAT, the TDP serves as the 10-year strategic planning document that guides the implementation of the agency vision.

The plan will guide public transportation in Brevard County over the next ten years and focuses on reconfiguring the current fixed route system based on immediate cost savings and efficiencies identified from the operational analysis, expanding services over time, and introducing complementary flex services such as mobility on demand. Benesch also assisted with the previous major TDP update.

The concurrent comprehensive operational analysis established a refined base network with immediate cost savings reinvested back into the system to improve service levels on the most productive routes. Infrastructure, operational, and technological improvement components, along with educating leadership on expanding service options to include mobility on demand in key areas of the county to complement the fixed route services, were important elements to TDP approval.

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