Ninth District/Sokol Road at Main Street

Town of Somers | Somers, CT
roadway reconstruction

When the Town of Somers wanted to make safety improvements at the intersection of Main Street (Route 190), Sokol Road and Ninth District Road, they turned to Benesch to provide roadway design and construction inspection services. The heavily traveled project area consists of roadway widening, drainage and safety improvements, and the construction of a new bridge structure.

Benesch conducted a full topographic survey, located all utilities, and established the right-of-way for the entire project area. We prepared designs for a full-depth roadway reconstruction, including milling and resurfacing. Dedicated left-turn lanes, right-turn bypass areas, shoulders and an improved drainage system were incorporated into the design. Environmental permits were secured, and a new traffic signal was installed at the intersection. New curbing was installed throughout, along with a concrete sidewalk and grassed shelf. Each completed roadway carries two lanes of traffic.

Benesch replaced an existing twin 60-inch culvert under Ninth District Road with a new bridge structure to improve flows and accommodate a 100-year storm event. The new structure was designed and installed in two stages with steel sheet piling and phased construction. Guard rail and safety improvements were also made. Benesch’s Construction Inspector maintained the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s 4-book system, as well as detailed electronic records for the project.

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