144th Street Improvements

City of Omaha | Omaha, NE
street improvement project

A 1.6-mile-long section of 144th Street in the City of Omaha needed urban roadway improvements, including a realignment of State Highway 50. Roads were upgraded from a two-lane rural to a four-lane divided urban section.

Benesch led the project team through the improvements of pavement, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, traffic signals, sidewalks, a bike path and noise walls. Sidewalks and bike paths were set back at the correct horizontal and vertical locations to accommodate future widening to six lanes. Benesch conducted a traffic analysis, geotechnical analysis and noise analysis for the project.

Benesch worked with the City of Omaha to include contractor incentives and disincentives for construction schedules. Local utility companies had facilities that needed to be relocated due to the proposed improvements. Benesch played a key role in coordinating the project and utility relocation efforts.

This project was unique because it involved Omaha’s first triple left-turn lanes at 144th and realigned Millard Avenue. This project was also the first to implement the recommendations of the Mayor’s Road Construction Task Force.

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