Lake County Division of Transportation

Rollins Road Gateway

Round Lake Beach, IL

This project is the largest project undertaken by Lake County to date, and is a true testament to engineering innovation and collaboration. The existing intersection of Rollins Road and IL 83 was within 50 feet of an at-grade rail crossing, producing traffic delays of up to several miles during peak travel hours.

Benesch led a Phase I study to evaluate several alternative solutions for the crossing, eventually landing on a new, grade separated intersection that would improve the project area’s safety and mobility. The project required extensive public involvement and close coordination with the Canadian National railroad and Metra. A Value Planning study, traffic analyses and complex drainage were also important project elements. Another major challenge was the complex maintenance of traffic and the need to minimize disruptions to rail and vehicular traffic.

This massive endeavor transformed a major traffic bottleneck into a safer, streamlined intersection that dramatically improved traffic capacity, boosted economic development, added bike and pedestrian facilities, and enhanced the environment for the nearly 30,000 residents of Round Lake Beach, IL, and beyond.

Project highlights

  • Value Planning study
  • Traffic modeling and intersection capacity evaluations
  • Public involvement
  • Railroad coordination
  • Complex MOT plans to minimize disruptions to rail and vehicular traffic