Pennsylvania Department of General Services

Selinsgrove Center Water Tower Rehabilitation

Selinsgrove, PA

Background: Selinsgrove Center owns and operates a public water system which services the facility. The water system utilizes three wells that produces water for domestic use and process purposes. The existing water system provides water service to approximately 231 residents and 804 employees of the center. In addition, the water system provides water to the anthracite boiler facility which provides heat for the center and the Snyder County Prison.

The distribution system contained four standpipes in disrepair, each with a capacity of 250,000 gallons which provided finished water storage for the system.

Scope: The project involved the rehabilitation of three water storage tanks, which are connected to the distribution system, and the demolition of a fourth tank. The refurbishing included the following:

  • Sandblasting and repainting of the interior of the tanks
  • Pressure washing and repainting the exterior of the tanks
  • Replacement of the roof vents
  • Installation of passive cathodic protection
  • Replacement of the roof manways
  • Replacement of the ground level manways
  • Capping of the concrete foundations
  • Removal of rolling roof ladders and replacement with fixed ladders
  • Seam sealing of the wall/roof joint
  • Installation of new overflow weir boxes and installation of overflow valving
  • Installation of ladder safety climbing device

During construction, it was determined that two of the existing steel floors were so deteriorated that they needed to be replaced. The rehabilitation of the tanks also includes the installation of a passive mixing system to keep the water fresh and to reduce ice buildup within the winter months.

Project highlights

  • Maintaining the water supply during construction
  • Meet current Safe Drinking Water Act requirements
  • Bracing of the tanks during the replacement of the floors
  • Safety improvements