SR 94 & SR 234 Intersection

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation | Adams County, PA

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 8-0, required evaluations for the intersection of SR 94 and SR 234 in Reading Township. This intersection was identified as a “top 25” accident intersection in the county. Benesch was retained to investigate options that would result in reducing accident occurrences and severity. In addition to increasing operational efficiency.

The collection of traffic data, along with a geometric analysis of the intersection, was necessary. This helped to determine viable alternatives to address the safety of the intersection. Benesch’s evaluation consisted of the analysis of a single-lane roundabout and a multilane roundabout. It also included the addition of turning lanes to address the concerns at the intersection.

Although adequately addressing the safety concerns at the intersection, roundabouts were determined to have too large a footprint and did not provide adequate improvement in LOS due to the extensive truck turning movements at the intersection. Given the impact to the community’s limited commercial development and in conjunction with the local public officials and planning partners, the roundabout options were not developed.

Therefore, Benesch designed geometric improvements that included left and right turn lanes on each approach. In addition, traffic signal modifications were included to provide exclusive turning phases due to the high volume of turning vehicles.

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