Florida Department of Transportation

SR 600 – John Young Parkway

Kissimmee, FL

John Young Parkway is a north-south urban roadway running through commercial and residential districts within the heart of Kissimmee, FL. Benesch prepared roadway and drainage plans for a 1.37-mile improvement that widened the existing four-lane roadway to six lanes, with additional improvements to the existing signals and drainage system.

Because of the urban location, providing the needed improvements without significant impacts to right-of-way was key to the project. Benesch opted to widen the roadway toward the median to accommodate the two additional lanes, thereby eliminating additional right-of-way requirements for most of the corridor.

Drainage system improvements included expanding the existing stormwater facilities for treatment and attenuation, with new piping added along the median to minimize impacts to the existing road and right-of-way. Benesch also provided an analysis of the new drainage system to various permitting agencies assuring there would be no change in the floodwaters within the West City Canal—a regulated floodway where the system outfalls.

Project highlights

  • Urban roadway widening without major impacts to existing right-of-way
  • New drainage system analysis
  • Permitting coordination and approval for impacts to regulated floodway
  • Maintenance of Traffic planning