The View at Shiloh Ridge

Portrait Homes | Cobb County, GA

The View at Shiloh Ridge is a 20-acre community in Cobb County, Georgia, near Kennesaw. Appropriately named, this community was developed on either side of a ridgeline in the lower section of the Kennesaw Range. Its 137 units were carefully benched into the extreme slopes on either side of the ridge. A combination of retaining walls and basements were utilized to minimize grading on these extreme slopes.

The property at Shiloh also has historical and archeological significance. Along the ridgeline lay several trenches used during the battle of Kennesaw in the Civil War. Given the historical significance of these earthworks, preservation was required. The trenches and vegetation along the trenches were preserved. Access and interpretative information were also added for the residents and the greater community. The successful negotiation of the topography and cultural constraints made this an interesting and exciting community.

Benesch provided all site design, engineering, construction documentation, permitting, bidding and construction administration for the project.