WCAA Water Asset Management Plan

Wayne County Airport Authority | Wayne County, MI

Benesch has intimate knowledge of WCAA’s asset inventory and has maintained it for almost a decade collecting field data and assisting with populating many of the databases. Benesch has verified much of the existing water mains and valves, fire hydrants and meters.

Benesch completed the Asset Management Plan (AMP) for Water Systems on behalf of the WCAA. The AMP is a required document per the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act (as amended, ACT 399). It includes the five required components as stated in Rule 1606 of the Act: The Asset Inventory, the Level of Service (LOS) Goals, a Criticality Assessment, the Revenue Structure and Sources, and Capital Improvement Project Plan.

Benesch worked closely with WCAA staff to identify the LOS, develop the criticality assessment and capital improvement program. The goal is for WCAA to use these tools when making changes and updates to their water system.