Reevesdale/Newkirk Waterline Extension

Schuylkill Township | Villages of Reevesdale and Newkirk, PA
waterline extension

The Village of Reevesdale and Village of Newkirk maintained a non-public community water system that serviced 31 connections. The source for the community system was private property, and the storage facility was in extreme disrepair. Most residents from these areas had already drilled a private well for their own water needs.

Poor water quality and quantity issues required both the Village of Newkirk and the Village of Reevesdale to connect to the nearest public water system. Schuylkill Township utilized Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to construct a water line extension from the Tamaqua Area Water Authority’s Public Water System located in the Borough of Tamaqua.

Benesch designed the new one-mile water line extension along with 31 service connections. The scope also included surveying, preparation of construction plans and specifications, a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) Stream Encroachment Permit, a Highway Occupancy Permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), contract administration and construction administration.

The site conditions required the waterline to cross a tributary stream to the Wabash Creek, which required a Stream Encroachment permit from the PADEP. The initial phase of the project required a bore and jack trenchless crossing of SR 209 as part of the Highway Occupancy Permit from PennDOT. Benesch completed the necessary permitting and specifications for the bore and jack requirements without disturbing the flow of traffic.