Jessica Rehrig, PE

Project Manager, Allentown

“Being an engineer has always been something that makes me proud.”

Sparking a conversation with her kids

Jessica’s work as a civil engineer can be seen throughout her community, and she loves pointing out the projects she’s worked on to her kids. She hopes these conversations will spark their curiosity and inspire them to make a difference in their communities, too.


Flexible scheduling brings balance to Jessica's life

About Jessica Rehrig

Jessica is part of our civil group in Allentown, PA. From highway design to structural engineering, she takes pride in the work she does, and loves seeing the transformative impact of her designs on her community.

At Benesch, we’re dedicated to supporting team members like Jessica who live busy and fulfilling lives outside the office. Like so many others across the company, Jessica takes full advantage of our flexible schedule options and work from home opportunities.