“Glastonbury Jackhammers” Raise Funds, Build Home for Family in Need

GLASTONBURY, CT – For the last 20 years, Benesch senior project manager Jim Fuda and his wife Nancy have been involved in community service projects in and around their hometown of Glastonbury. Their latest endeavor, a Habitat for Humanity home build, has had them buzzing—and hammering—with excitement as construction continues. According to the Fudas, a collaborative team and generous colleagues are what have made their latest volunteer venture a remarkable one.

“A friend of ours has been actively involved in the organization, which inspired us to volunteer,” Jim explained. “We teamed up with four other couples to participate in one of the Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity projects, calling ourselves the ‘Glastonbury Jackhammers.’”

From left to right, the Glastonbury Jackhammers are: Justin and Kristen Gonet,  Jim and Nancy Fuda, Carlos and Geraldine Reyes, Mitch and Mikenna Renshaw, and Team Captains Kevin and Julia Jack.

Together, the team set out to raise $600 prior to the start of construction. With the help of friends and colleagues, they quickly surpassed their goal with more than $4,000 in donations. Through the charitable gift matching program at Alfred Benesch & Company, the final total was even higher. Benesch matched $2,400 of the $4,000 raised, resulting in a final fundraising total of $6,400—more than ten times the team’s original goal.

“We were so grateful to everyone in our community, and to Benesch, for their generosity,” Jim recalled. “That money will benefit future Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity build projects and positively impact the lives of so many people.”

Construction on the house began in the spring and move-in day for the new homeowners is scheduled for Spring 2021. Over the summer, the team installed doors and windows on the home and began the necessary preparation for plumbing and electrical work. For the Glastonbury Jackhammers, the hard work has been more than worth it.

Volunteers spent time installing windows and doors for the new house over the summer.
The new house is located in Bristol, CT, and is scheduled for completion in the Spring of 2021.

“We all felt the pain of the physical labor involved in the construction, but knowing our contribution will help a young family have their first home certainly makes up for it,” Jim said. “People helping people – that’s what I’ll remember most from this experience.”