Bus Stop ADA Accessibility Study & Transition Plan

Lee County, FL

Benesch led the development of an ADA Transition Plan for LeeTran of Lee County, Florida.

The study involved the assessment of approximately 1,750 bus stops, three transfer centers, four transfer support facilities and one park-and-ride facility for compliance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Benesch collected data that was integrated in the agency’s existing asset management software to streamline implementation of suggested improvements. During data collection, we noted non-compliant bus stops, inaccessible amenities, general safety concerns and operationally inefficient locations. The proposed mitigation and associated costs were developed for each non-compliant feature and documented in each stop’s assessment report. LeeTran’s short- and long-term goals are to develop a prioritization plan based on the data Benesch successfully collected.

The ADA Transition Plan Update provided a comprehensive assessment of LeeTran’s bus stops and facilities as they relate to compliance with the ADA and Florida Accessibility Code (FAC) requirements. The completed plan furthered LeeTran’s vision for improving its overall service in providing enhanced passenger amenities, accessible bus stops and transit service per ADA guidelines.

Project highlights

  • Individual reports were developed for each bus stop and supporting facility to provide staff with easy-to-implement ADA Transition Plan
  • The project provided a greater understanding of violations and barrier remediation that must take place to create fully ADA-accessible facilities
  • Geocoded data was integrated into the existing LeeTran management software system