Flood Control Protection System

Town of West Springfield | West Springfield, MA

The majority of West Springfield’s flood protection system, located along the Connecticut and Westfield Rivers, was constructed between 1939 and 1942. In 1950, the Riverdale Section was constructed. This section provides protection along US Route 5—a major thoroughfare and business district. The Westfield River section protects a densely populated residential and industrial area as well as the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds.

Associated with Army Corps of Engineers- and FEMA-mandated improvements to the system, Benesch provided design and full-time, on-site construction engineering and inspection services. Repairs encompassed the removal of vegetation from approximately 13,700 feet of earthen dike and structural repairs to approximately 2,300 feet of concrete floodwall along the Connecticut and Westfield Rivers.

The flood protection system also included three Stop-Log structures, six pumping stations and appurtenant drainage structures and facilities. To ensure proper function, structural, electrical and mechanical repairs were made to the pump stations. Repairs were also required at appurtenant drainage structures and facilities.

Benesch conducts quarterly detailed visual inspections of the system to maintain its integrity and document conditions. A Final Condition Survey Report was prepared, and maintenance services are performed as needed.