Gardner Lift Stations

City of Gardner | Gardner, KS
lift station

The City of Gardner partnered with Benesch to develop a comprehensive approach to its wastewater infrastructure and optimize existing facilities and processes. Gardner was faced with addressing ever-changing EPA effluent standards, Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) challenges and a growing system demand. To meet these challenges, Benesch designed two primary wastewater lift stations. The new submersible East Lift Station replaced an existing 300-gpm top-mounted lift station. This design provided temporary storage of peak I&I discharges to avoid more expensive sewer line replacement.

The new submersible Bull Creek Lift Station replaced the existing Bull Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). The new lift station pumps wastewater to the Kill Creek WWTP. Consolidating operations and maintenance to one WWTP reduces costs and provides efficiencies. The station was designed to accommodate large pumps that provide a larger ultimate flow capacity of 9.9 MGD. Benesch also provided the design of 9,500 LF of 16-inch diameter piping.