Pump Station at 130th Street & Torrence Avenue Grade Separation

Chicago Department of Transportation | Chicago, IL

This $101 million complex project transformed one of the City’s most congested intersections into a safer, three-tier, multimodal-grade separation. This monumental project features a depressed, realigned and widened roadway, as well as six new bridges (three rail, two pedestrian and one roadway). It also includes a new drainage system complete with a detention chamber, pump station and settling basin.

Benesch served as the designer and construction manager for the project. As part of the water management plan, a decision was made to build the intersection’s new detention chamber below the realigned 130th Street. The massive chamber sits only ten feet below the new roadway, and the pump station was installed 55.6 feet below the existing grade.

The decision to place the drainage system below the structure was made to prevent any drainage concerns involving high water tables and depressed roadways around the project area. The new facility is a 9,000 GPM tri-plex pump station with a detention chamber to manage stormwater adequately.