Davidson County

Yadkin River Park

Davidson County, NC

Once pegged for demolition, the almost 100-year-old Wil-Cox Roadway Bridge has been transformed into a destination for community members and tourists as part of the new Yadkin River Park. Officials and citizens of Davidson County fought to preserve the bridge and its historical importance. After successful petition to the state DOT, the County took ownership of the bridge and 20+ acres of adjacent land and sought to completely revitalize the area.

Benesch worked with the County to prepare a master plan, developing a fully realized vision for a new park featuring a picnic shelter, rain gardens, riverwalk, and historic trail. Following approval of the master plan, Benesch developed final plans for construction.

The Wil-Cox Roadway Bridge is now the centerpiece of Yadkin River Park, freshly converted to a multi-modal pedestrian bridge. The 1,300-foot bridge connects pedestrians and cyclists to a larger regional trail system, including the Daniel Boone Heritage Trail, as well as nearby Rowan and Davidson counties.

The park is now a destination for residents and tourists to learn about the rich history of the County. New educational displays highlight the Native American Trading Ford as well as historic sites from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Project highlights

  • Master plan development
  • Historic bridge preservation
  • Stakeholder collaboration during design process
  • Seamless integration of historic educational displays throughout the park