Town of Waxhaw

Parks & Recreation Strategic Master Plan

Town of Waxhaw, NC

The Town of Waxhaw sought to update its Park & Recreation Strategic Master Plan to identify changes that have occurred in the years since the previous plan which was completed in 2012. The update required collaboration with the citizens to develop a recreation needs analysis for the town and provide recommendations on park & recreation facility development based on those needs, including land acquisition that has occurred in that period as well. The master plan was adopted by the Town Board in June 2019.

Benesch led the development of the strategic master plan, including inventory and assessment, recreation needs assessment, establishment of action plan items and implementation strategies. The master planning process involved working with town stakeholders through several public workshops and a community-wide survey.

Since the plan adoption, a wide variety of improvements have been accomplished, ranging from new playgrounds, picnic shelters to community gardens and shade facilities at locations such as Town Creek Park, HC Nesbit Park, SK8 Park, Community Corner and Downtown Central Park.

Project highlights

  • For a relatively small town, Waxhaw has an advanced parks and recreation department, considering the department was only formed in 2015, and offers recreation opportunities that are not often found in communities its size
  • The citizens of Waxhaw enjoy a very high standard of community events and parks and recreation programming
  • Waxhaw is currently lacking in the acreage of developed recreational space it offers its citizens, but can catch up fast by beginning to develop some of the 95 acres the Town currently controls and has already dedicated as future recreational open space