Runway 14/32 Rehabilitation

Beatrice Municipal Airport | Beatrice, NE

When Runway 14/32 repairs were needed at the Beatrice Municipal Airport, Benesch completed an analysis of seven different pavement section alternatives ranging from full reconstruction to a four-inch mill and overlay with new asphalt pavement. Ultimately, it was decided the most economical solution was to design a reconstruction of Runway 14/32 similar to the already completed reconstruction of Runway 18/36 completed at the airport by Benesch a few years prior. Using Benesch’s experience with the pavement section reconstruction on Runway 18/36, the final construction costs for Runway 14/32 were reduced, coming in even below the initial bid amount.

In addition to the new pavement upgrades, subdrains were installed along the length of the runway, as well as a new base-mounted LED medium-intensity runway light system with new cable in duct. Lastly, new runway end identifier lights were installed on Runway 14/32. Benesch was responsible for the design, geotechnical, survey, bidding, construction observation, material testing services and closeout.