Commitment 2045 MTP

Broward MPO | Broward Region, FL
Palm Beach

In addition to establishing a vision for future transportation and growth in the Broward region, the Broward Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) ensures that the MPO is meeting the requirements of US DOT’s FAST Act, as well as federal and state metropolitan transportation planning requirements.

The Benesch team updated goals, objectives and performance measures according to the MPO Board’s vision. Five scenarios (Trend, Compact Development, Technology, Resiliency and Community Vision) were considered, and comprehensive travel demand and transit market segmentation analyses were conducted to identify high-opportunity transit corridors and areas.

The team implemented a project prioritization process and scenario evaluation to develop 2045 needs and financially feasible plans. They also developed a Transportation Planning Equity Tool in collaboration with the MPO to address equity and environmental justice, along with conducting public participation in collaboration with MPO staff.

The project included stakeholder involvement to create an unconstrained transit vision as well as the integration of transportation, growth and land use goals of Broward County and its 31 municipalities.

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