Hollywood Pines Corridor Project

Broward Metropolitain Planning Organization | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Benesch worked with Broward MPO to conduct the first combined Livability/Congestion Management Project along a 20-mile section of the Hollywood/Pines Boulevard corridor. The project included a multifaceted public engagement campaign to obtain input from residents, employees and other users of the corridor.

A primary tool used to engage the public was a “one-stop” project website to not only provide a platform of information regarding the project, but also interactive tools such as surveys and comment boards to obtain input from and communicate with users.

Benesch identified Environmental Justice (EJ) Areas in each Public Participation Plan to monitor for equal participation throughout the study timeframe.

This integrated approach focuses on enhancing the quality of life and improving safety and mobility through short- and long-term strategies and improvements for land use, transit, biking and walking.

Practice Areas