Mahanoy Business Park Storage Tank & Waterline Extensions

Schuylkill County Municipal Authority | Pottsville, PA
Waterline in Mahanoy Business Park, Schuylkill County, PA

Schuylkill County Municipal Authority (SCMA) worked with a number of local and state entities on the development of the Mahanoy Business Park near Exit 131 off of I-81 in Schuylkill County, PA. Benesch helped SCMA develop a two-phased approach to serve potable water to the proposed business park through implementation of the following.

Phase 1: The project included the installation of approximately 20,000 LF of 8-inch and 12-inch watermain and a new 500,000-gallon pedosphere water storage tank. Benesch provided the services for field survey, hydraulic modeling, design, permitting, contract administration, construction management, and funding assistance for the project. The 20,000-foot extension was made to feed the new storage tank designed for the project.

Benesch initially conducted a hydraulic model using Bentley’s WaterCADD V8 to verify existing conditions and then assess the impact of the proposed alternatives on the system operations. The design incorporated fire hydrant assemblies and service connections for existing customers along the route as well as connection stubs and fittings for possible future growth areas as defined by SCMA. A mixing system was also designed and installed in the new tank. Benesch completed the design effort and obtained permits/approvals. Benesch also completed the funding applications and administered the funding program with funds from various sources.

Phase 2: The final portion of the project included the installation of approximately 2,000 LF of 12-inch watermain from the pedosphere storage tank to the MBP parcel, including 400 LF of 36-inch diameter bore and jack main installation under I-81. Benesch provided the services for field survey, design, permitting, contract administration and construction management for the project, including obtaining permits/approvals for the I-81 bore and jack installation.