Mobility-on-Demand Service Development

Hamilton County, OH

Benesch led the development of a mobility-on-demand (MOD) study for Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA). The purpose of this study was to identify and recommend areas within Hamilton County for the deployment of the MOD service. The MOD service zones selection process included consideration of mobility needs, key trip generators, roadway network, land use, transit service network and the application of spatial optimization modeling to refine the service zone boundaries by examining the distribution and concentration of mobility need at the Census block level.

The goals and objectives of the study were focused on increasing access to mobility both locally and regionally to improve individual and community wellbeing. Specifically, Benesch focused on Connecting people and places; Driving economic growth; and Improving quality of life for individuals and communities.

The SORTA Board approved the MOD service and it will operate seven days a week, with annual ridership estimated at 280,000 trips for the initial zones. It will require 19-26 peak and 10 off-peak vehicles and will have an annual net operating cost of $2.0-$3.1 million. The initial operations will begin in early 2023.

Project highlights

  • Identify mobility needs and gaps
  • Define MOD service zones
  • Define MOD concept of operations
  • Define SaaS requirements
  • Define MOD operating requirements
  • Create connections to fixed route and with paratransit
  • Develop ridership estimates and net operating costs