Mobility-On-Demand Service Development

Southern Ohio Regional Transit Authority | Hamilton County, OH

Benesch developed six Mobility-on-Demand service zones for Go-Metro in Cincinnati to expand mobility in suburban areas with limited or no access to transit. The services defined by the study provide point-to-point on-demand services within the MOD zones, as well as first- and last-mile connections to the existing fixed-route transit network. Designed with paratransit users in mind, the MOD service offers a shared-ride mobility-for-all solution that is fully ADA-compliant.

Significant coordination with the Southern Ohio Regional Transit Authority was required on this project to understand key service design and delivery goals. Operational concepts focused on increasing local and regional access to improve individual and community well-being throughout the suburban Cincinnati area while driving economic growth.

The approved MOD operations plan provides service seven days a week, with an estimated 280,000 trips per year at an annual net operating cost of $2-3M.

Benesch also developed the technical requirements for Go-Metro to procure the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

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