Hernando County Impact Fee & Fire Assessment Studies

Hernando County Impact Fee & Fire Assessment Studies | Hernando County, FL

Benesch has provided Hernando County with planning and finance services since the early 1990s, resulting in complete knowledge of the County’s history and planning goals. We have worked alongside the Hernando County and Hernando County MPO to update the County’s transportation impact fee multiple times. We have also updated fire, EMS, law enforcement, correctional facilities, government buildings, parks and library impact fees. In addition, the County previously retained Benesch to prepare a fire assessment and EMS MSTU study.

Our most recent update study included review of other potential revenue sources that could be used to fund capital expenditures. As part of the project, we worked with the County to develop a list of critical projects and prepared revenue projections for all service areas to assist elected officials in determining adoption percentages. The County was interested in identifying impact fee programs that would be responsive to economic development and growth management goals. In order to fund capital and operational needs of the County’s Fire Department, multiple dedicated revenue sources were needed.

During the study, we evaluated revenue options and prepared revenue estimates to fund capital needs, and updated all variables to reflect the most recent and localized data, consistent with the legal requirements. The study resulted in the development of an affordable growth model, which provided a variation in fee levels based on growth rates and allowed the County to reduce its rates during slow growth periods.